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Window Sticker Vs. VIN Decoder


Are you on the market for a used car or just want to check your vehicle’s specifications? There are two ways to get precise vehicle information: ClearVin VIN Decoder and Monroney Window Sticker. But which one is better? Read on to understand how each works and choose the service tailored to your needs best. 

ClearVin VIN Decoder

A VIN is a 17-digit unique code that helps to identify, track motor vehicles, and pull major history records. You can easily find a VIN if you know where to look. But decoding the information encrypted in every VIN might be a challenge. Not to mention different market standards. Luckily, you can check your all VIN details with ClearVin. Our VIN decoding system breaks the VIN number down into dozens of data points providing an extensive list of specifications including make, model, trim, engine, tank size, steering type, and others. Generally, it covers about 55 VIN characteristics. However, VIN Decoder has some minor shortcomings you should know about. Since VIN information is captured at the time of manufacture, it doesn’t reflect any aftermarket changes. No paint color, enhanced engine, or suspension modifications. Though, you still can pull key vehicle specifications of as many VINs as you need for free.

Monroney Window Sticker 

You probably have heard about Monroney Label. It is a reproduction of the original automobile window sticker. Monroney stickers contain information like make, model, engine, and transmission.

Apart from the characteristics available through free VIN Decoder, each window sticker provides fuel economy ratings, factory recalls, standard equipment and warranties, optional equipment and pricing. Important data you need to know when buying or selling a used car or truck. Besides, window sticker can help you to get an exact trim level. The thing is, that VIN Pattern itself may not identify some vehicle details consistently. A single character in a VIN structure can stand for several trim levels or other spec designations while window stickers deliver more accurate information.

With ClearVIN you instantly get an original window sticker in a printable format for the best price around. We offer the most extensive coverage of year, make, and models!

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