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4 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Pickup Truck


“You get out what you put in”. The adage is true for most of the things in life, be it your pickup truck. Whether you have invested in a new pick up truck or bought a used one, take good care of the machine, for lasting companionship. Maintaining a pickup truck doesn’t demand a significant investment in terms of time and money. Just a few simple tips and commitment not to deviate from the routine could extend the life of your pickup truck. Having said that, we list the four ways that can help your truck rule the road for a long time.

Change Oil Regularly

One of the easiest ways to increase the life of a pickup truck is by changing its oil on a regular basis. Go through the user manual to find out the oil change frequency for your model, as every manufacturer might have a different recommendation. Ford, for instance, recommends oil change after every six months or 7,500 miles. Make sure that you don’t compromise with the quality of oil and it is always a good idea to refer to the owner’s manual to choose an oil with the right viscosity-index for your pickup truck.

Pay Attention to Tire Balancing

The weight of the tire must be equally distributed around the axle. When the pickup truck goes over potholes or on an off-road trip, tires get out of balance. They might wear unevenly, cause vibrations on the road and increase the wear on suspension. If you are getting tires patched or replaced, do not forget to get them balanced.

Get Wheels Aligned Regularly

If your pickup truck is going in one direction, it’s a sign of your car alignment. Driving on rough roads at high speed can increase the chances of misalignment. When the wheels are out of whack, it reduces the mileage and can damage the tires. You must keep the load evenly on the pickup truck and inflate the tires to the right pressure.

Install Performance Fuel Injectors and Throttle Body

Installing performance fuel injectors and throttle body will improve the horsepower as well as the engine life of the vehicle. It maximizes the fuel delivery and provides a higher throttle response, torque, and horsepower to the engine. Keep in mind that all vehicles cannot accumulate a bigger throttle body, so you must consult the mechanic before going for it.

Wrapping Up

Like regular car checkups, it’s also a good idea to keep your car interior clean and neat. Keep it organized, eliminate any unwanted odors and dirt specks, and cover your truck floor with sturdy, all-weather mats. Maintaining your truck properly is the secret to keeping it in top condition. For what it’s worth, if you follow all the maintenance tips provided in this guide, you can be sure that your truck will last longer.

Remember that everything an owner must know to keep the truck in a good condition is in the user manual. Go through the manual carefully to understand the needs of your pickup truck. If you are buying a used model, check truck VIN history on ClearVin to ensure that you make a right pick. Alternatively, it’s always a good idea to perform a license plate number lookup to ensure the vehicle has a clean history if you’re planning to buy a used car. For bulk access, we provide motor vehicle reports that supply valuable information about the car’s history, including past accidents, repairs, and maintenance records.

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