Car Ownership History by VIN

Car Ownership History by VIN: How to Check a Used Car’s Previous Owners?


When conducting a VIN lookup, most motorists are interested in some particular details about a used car. Some may be looking for vehicle specifications, while others want to track car insurance or theft records. In any case, a VIN report will not be complete without the car ownership history. Furthermore, there are some essential reasons why clearing up details about drivers who had the vehicle in their garages is beneficial. We at ClearVin invite you to find out more about car ownership history and learn how to check car previous owners.

Why Is Car Ownership History So Important?

Why Is Car Ownership History So Important

Various VIN decoding services approach providing information about previous owners of a vehicle in different ways. Some suggest it is confidential and personal data that is not for sharing. Other VIN lookup solutions provide the needed pieces of information when it comes to motorists who have owned a vehicle. In any case, car ownership history can provide you with a wealth of information about the vehicle’s technical condition.

For instance, when a car has a significant number of owners, its technical condition requires close attention and a thorough examination. If you see in a VIN report that a vehicle was sold a lot of times, especially in a short period of time, it may point out some issues. The best piece of advice here is to visit a car repair shop for a diagnostic of the car’s technical condition.

Along with that, the more car previous owners there are, the higher the possibility of illegal operations with a vehicle. It also increases the risk of cheating and fraudulent operations with a car. For instance, it may be an illegal car import with invalid documents.

Another possible situation is when someone might be involved in a “pink slip loan” without the opportunity to pay the debt back. That is why it is a good idea to conduct a combined analysis of lien, theft, title, and car ownership records from a VIN check report. It will give you a full picture of the automobile sale reasons, registration history, and an overall background understanding of used cars from salvage auto auctions.

What You Can Find in Car Ownership History Records

What You Can Find in Car Ownership History Records

It depends on the data provider what is included in the car ownership review section of a vehicle background report. A great idea is to get acquainted with a VIN report sample to have an idea of what you get, particularly when it comes to revealing previous owners of an automobile.

As an example, ClearVin provides all the relevant information about car ownership history in its VIN reviews. Furthermore, we follow the principle of privacy when working with databases, so you will not find personal information about motorists. Let’s take a closer look at what you can find in car ownership history reports using ClearVin services.

Date of Purchase and Ownership Length

Along with the number of previous car owners, you can discover the date of purchase. With the length of ownership, it helps you to understand the duration of time a person possessed the automobile.

Keep in mind that more frequent car owner changes, and a short length of ownership can point to serious issues with a vehicle’s technical condition. Also, be extremely attentive if you cannot track the car ownership history. It means that there are hidden vehicle background details as a result of fraudulent actions.

In What State It Was Owned

We at ClearVin also provide information about all the US states a vehicle was operated in. By knowing it, you can research some car registration and documentation details implemented in a particular location. It may help a lot since every state has its own regulations and features when it comes to selling, buying, or registering procedures. Furthermore, some suspicions may arise if a vehicle was owned by various motorists in different states. For example, some fraudulent individuals may use such a scheme to conceal car theft tracks and later sell the vehicle.

Estimated Miles Driven and Last Reported Odometer Readings

You may want to reveal vehicle technical conditions indirectly. The index of estimated miles driven as well as the last reported odometer reading are extremely important. For example, the more an automobile is driven, the closer attention must be paid to the consumables, engine, fuel system, and suspension. They are the most vulnerable to wearing out car components.

As you can see, the car ownership history contributes greatly to an overall understanding of the vehicle’s background. By conducting a VIN lookup with us, you receive valuable data about the ownership length, estimated miles driven, state when the car was operated, and other relevant and up-to-date details. It can help a lot in making the right used automobile purchase choice.

How You Can Determine the Previous Owners of a Car

How You Can Determine the Previous Owners of a Car

The VIN number serves for identifying vehicles but not its owners. That is why this 17-digit code doesn’t include details about the owners of a car. Thus, it may be complicated to reveal the personal information of a motorist solely via decoding a VIN. Furthermore, you can’t reveal the private data of any person without their approval. In accordance with the privacy statements mentioned in the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act and other federal laws, some personal details of a car owner can be withheld.

At the same time, VIN data providers have arranged vehicle background reports in such a way that you can analyze all the details concerning car history but not the personal information of previous owners. Such a solution helps while not breaking data privacy regulations.

However, there are situations when it is necessary to contact the previous owner of a car, for example, to get vehicle documents or their signature. In such cases, you have a few ways to reach them, depending on the circumstances, as follows:

Check the Car Registration Documents

As a rule, the name and address of a car owner are mentioned in the registration documents of a vehicle. When buying a used car and registering it in a local DMV or other relevant authority institutions, pay special attention to document preparation and data fullness a seller provides. Usually, you can find the registration certificate with the owner’s car insurance policy. They both can be stored in the auto glove compartment.

Visit a Motor Vehicle Department

Another option is to contact the DMV or local motor vehicle department. In such a case, it will be necessary to provide details like the VIN code and other relevant data that may be requested. Keep in mind that some states have strict bans and restrictions when it comes to revealing personal information. Be sure to have a clear idea of the information you seek prior to applying to the local DMV institutions. Furthermore, you can be asked to prove the purpose of your request. Be ready to provide a valid and legitimate reason why you are applying for car ownership data.

Also, check the local DMV website for an opportunity to submit your request online instead of making physical visits. It can significantly simplify the process. As a rule, it is required to provide a VIN number and YMM to receive the data package. We also highly recommend getting acquainted with the privacy policy and terms and conditions presented on such Internet resources.

Dealing with a local motor vehicle department can be a long and complicated process, so we recommend you reveal car ownership information with a free VIN decoder. It will cover your needs in discovering the number of vehicle owners, length of ownership, estimated miles driven, and many other details. ClearVin offers up-to-date and relevant data.

Final Thoughts

Car ownership history can reveal a number of important facts about a vehicle’s background. A thorough evaluation and analysis are helpful in determining how the machine must have been used. In turn, knowing how a car was operated will give you a hint about its performance or longevity, as well as an understanding of the auto’s maintenance.

Even if the car appears to be in good condition, don’t rely solely on the seller’s words. Knowing how it was previously used can reveal a great deal about why they are selling it. That’s where the car ownership history review by VIN comes into play.

ClearVin provides VIN decoding to help you discover essential information about previous car owners. A thorough car dealer report, aimed at helping those involved in business, can give you peace of mind when buying a used car and help you avoid potential scams or fraudulent activity. With us, you will definitely make the right decision when buying a used automobile. If there are any questions rising in your head, you can use our contact page to reach us. Also, do not hesitate to call us at: +1 (844) 268-5991 (8:00 AM–3:00 PM EST, Monday to Friday).

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