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Car ownership history


Ownership history is an integral part of a VIN Lookup. The number of previous owners has a great effect on the vehicle’s condition and value. As a general rule, used cars that had only one, or at maximum two owners, are in better shape than those that have had multiple owners. So, no wonder that two out of three shoppers consider or are even ready to pay more for single-owner cars. 

Today, both at salvage auctions and car dealerships, you can find lots of relatively new one-owner vehicles manufactured between 2019-2021. Of course, they have low mileage and less overall wear and tear. Though the chances of the next owner having to unexpectedly pay for major repairs decrease dramatically compared to older models, these cars may cost significantly above average. Meanwhile, more older cars may have either one long-term or multiple owners. If you’re buying a car from a private seller or dealer, it’s a good idea to talk to the seller about the car’s previous owner just to find out why the owner is selling the car in the first place and if they are the original car owner.

Better safe than sorry! So, always verify the number of owners and vehicle history by running a VIN check report. ClearVin Ownership History is based on the NMVTIS title records collected from all state DMVs and encompasses the following information:

  • Date of purchase 
  • Length of ownership 
  • State of ownership
  • Estimated miles driven 
  • Last reported odometer reading

In addition to the number of owners, a free VIN number check from ClearVIN may also help you understand what it’s been through by pointing out when a car has been involved in an accident, flood or fire, or if it was totaled and rebuilt. All that is crucial data when you’re buying a used vehicle. If you don’t have a VIN, you can take advantage of free license plate lookup.

Even though sometimes buying a used car can be a confusing, complex, and anxiety-inducing process, ClearVin’s extensive partnerships throughout the automotive industry give our customers unique data that make our reports one of the best investments for those who are involved in used car purchasing. We also offer the dealer VIN check tool for those who need bulk access. Arm yourself with the best information to make the right decision!

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