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The Best Automobile Technology: How Car Brands Partner With Tech Companies


Automobile technology keeps getting better year after year. Vehicles have turned into tech hubs on wheels. The roots of this are simple since manufacturers want to bestow buyers with the latest automotive engineering technology and make their products safer and more distinguishable from others. The tech and cars worlds have become synonymous, and their dependence on each other will only strengthen in the nearest future. We’re delving into automobile technology and explaining how car brands collaborate with technological giants and what it brings to you as a consumer.

Partnerships Between Automakers And

Technology Companies

latest auto technology

Since the beginning of the 2000s, cars have been becoming more sophisticated. Indeed, a vehicle remains an array of mechanisms wired by different cables and electronics, but a very complex one. Sometimes, the number of all components in a car may reach 30,000. That’s why technology companies are interested in doing business with the automotive industry. Many of them are involved in making a single automobile.

automobile technology

They supply parts the manufacturer uses in their models. Automobile technology isn’t limited to emergency braking systems or car radios with MP3 players in your vehicle. This notion entails safety systems, wise electronics mounted somewhere in the car to aid you, infotainment, and many other features that account for more straightforward driving and maximum comfort.

Automobile Technology Suppliers Are

Classified Into Tiers

automobile technology

Those companies supplying different technological products to automotive brands are subdivided into tiers. However, this classification is very rough, and borders between closer related companies are disappearing. Generally, the most renowned tiers are Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. The primary companies have established direct partnerships with carmakers and supply their components to the brand without intermediaries. That can be a navigation system, infotainment clusters, or microchips. In contrast, the Tier 2 brands are responsible for making subcomponents like audio systems and providing Tier 1 businesses with those components. The role of Tier 3 is the least, as they make insignificant components (like wiring and cables) to aid Tier 2 companies.

Latest Automobile Technology Can Lead To The Emergence of Self-Driving Cabs

autonomous technology in cars

The world is seeing the emergence of driverless vehicles right now. Self-driving cars aren’t a dream and have already been tested in different conditions. Automakers and globally-known technology companies have created joint ventures to develop autonomous vehicles.

latest auto technology

For instance, Google and Apple are working on independent mobility projects and creating new software and hardware for driverless machines. Another technology giant, Waymo, has impressed the automotive community with a driverless fleet of cars. Tech companies go the extra mile to be cautious with such inventions and make them safe for further road usage. ClearVIN expects a boom for self-driving technology in the upcoming decade, and we hope it will decrease the number of fatalities American roads witness yearly.

Final Word

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