What to Look for when Buying a Used Truck


If you are looking to buy a truck but are low on budget, turning to used-auto market is the way to go. While there are a lot of used trucks on the market, not all of those are usable on road. You need to get a number of checks done by an expert, which should include truck VIN history check. To help, here are some of the checks that you need to do when buying a used truck.

Inspection Checklist


Check the odometer to know the mileage of the truck you are planning to buy. Try to relate the miles on the odometer with the condition of the truck. If it has too many scratches, worn out tires, and poor interiors, but still has a low figure on the dial, being apprehensive would not be wrong.

Service Record

The seller should have the service record of the truck on sale. This record is the greatest insight into the condition of the truck. If there is no record or just a few, it may not be too wise to put your money into the vehicle. While it is possible those missing papers could be lost, that also speaks towards the upkeep of the vehicle.


Inspecting the truck for any leakage is a must when going for a used one. For this, you need to check under the truck. If the floor area under the truck has spots of oil, it means there is some sort of leakage and it would be better to avoid the proposition.

Body and Chassis

The structural integrity of the body and chassis helps you determine the long-term value of the truck you are contemplating to buy. Check for any bumps in the paint, as they indicate that there might be rust underneath.


Although the tires of a used truck will not have the treads of a new truck, make sure there are no major wear and tear, unless you are willing to invest in replacements. In addition, check for mismatched tires amount of tread left, cracks, bulges, and cuts.


Your buying decision will depend on this factor a lot. The title will tell you whether the vehicle is usable, repairable or lemon. Before you put your money down, make sure you check if the truck’s title is salvage, junk, totaled, lemon, flood or reconstructed.

Truck VIN History

When you check Truck VIN history, you learn about the overall condition of the truck. Truck VIN check is a mandatory step to learn about the health of a used truck. With this essential inspection, you get a detailed report of the truck. Furthermore, we at ClearVIN can offer you a dealer VIN check to meet your business needs.

Final Words

Spending money to buy a truck is a cost-intensive decision, even if you go for a used model. It is therefore important to have an expert by your side, who can provide an accurate assessment of the options you shortlist. Truck VIN check is another important aspect that you can’t miss. Get a detailed ClearVIN VIN Check Report and buy a reliable truck at with confidence. If you have any questions, call us +1 (844) 268 5991 or write to us at [email protected].

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  1. I think it’s smart to check for a lot of these things when buying any used vehicle. I like your point about checking the truck’s VIN history though. This sounds like a good way to see what kinds of damages the truck has suffered in the past and determine if it’s a good value or not.

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