NMVTIS title brands

The most confusing NMVTIS title brands


Did you know that NMVTIS has more than 60 vehicle title brands? While everyone probably knows what salvage or junk stands for, there are more rare title designations which might seem to be a bit confusing. It’s time to shake things out!   


The rebuilt title can be assigned to a salvaged vehicle that has been completely repaired. Such vehicles pass through a standard safety inspection to apply for a new title. Only then, can they be legally driven. Although, since the extent of the damage may vary dramatically, and rules in some states differ, it is a good idea to run a VIN lookup. No matter where you’re shopping for a car!  


Vandalism is a car category that is in high demand at salvage auctions. It is no surprise. Vandalism damage is typically light in nature. As a rule, it’s associated with break-ins – such as theft-related damage to door handles and locks, slashed upholstery, destroyed paint, compromised steering locks and ignition wiring, and so forth. Such vehicles can be recovered without any problems. 

Gray Market

A grey import is new or used cars and motorcycles legally imported from another country through channels other than a manufacturer’s authorized distributor. Even though gray market vehicles are normally sold with an express written warranty, this warranty can be invalid in the United States. However, if the owner proves that a vehicle is in compliance with federal standards, he can legally use it on public roads.

Memorandum Copy

According to the standard designation, Memorandum Copy is a facsimile – not active (original or duplicate) title document. It can be issued in addition when the original title is held by a lienholder. If so, you should receive your Original Title from the bank or finance company upon satisfaction of your mortgage or lien. Usually, car owners apply for a title facsimile to perform a license plate search while the original title is held.

Call Title Division

Call Title Division must be the rarest NMVTIS brand. This brand implies that the titling authority is aware of some odometer reading problems which cannot be added to the title. Although, the titling authority is ready to discuss the problem with authorized inquirers, per manual request. Though, it may take some time to retrieve additional information.

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