What You Get from a ClearVIN Report


You get peace of mind. This peace comes in multiple forms, but a ClearVIN report not only gives you the vehicle’s complete history; our reports give you information, so you don’t spend too much, or get too little, for your car. You can tell is the car has been stolen, if there is a VIN fraud check and if it’s been part of any recalls. This is great information on its own, but with a free VIN decoder from ClearVIN you get even more.

Title Brand Information

One of the most important pieces of information ClearVIN can provide is the vehicle branding information, as reported each time the vehicle was registered. This will let you know not only if the vehicle has a clear, junk, or salvage title; but can provide valuable insight into what types of specific damages the vehicle suffered, like flood or fire damage, if it was a taxi or police car, and many other brand types.

Insurance Records

If the vehicle was written off as a “Total Loss” by an insurance company, this section will tell you when this happened and which company designated it as a total loss. It will also provide company contact information, when available.

Vehicle Value Information

It’s important to know the potential value of a vehicle before bidding on it, to ensure that you are not overpaying for something without realizing it. The Vehicle Value Information portion of your report will provide the retail and trade-in value, as well as the potential loan value you may be able to expect. This gives you expert information that few people have.

Ownership Costs

Like the value information, the ownership cost provides expert data that most people don’t have. This information includes items such as depreciation, insurance, fuel and other factors that impact ownership cost. This cost are projected out five years so you know what you’re getting into over the long haul.


Recalls typically involve maintaining a vehicle’s safety and you definitely want to know that. If it has been in a recall, the report contains the information you need to check if the repair was done for that specific car. This is the type of information you can’t tell by looking at a car or taking it on a test drive.

All this valuable information can be yours for the lowest prices on the market. Improve your piece of mind with the DMV vehicle records provided by ClearVIN.

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