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ClearVin Vehicle Report Structure


Today, we have tons of various VIN verification services, so how do you choose the most reliable and appropriate one? The answer is simple – just review the information provided by each of them and compare pricing. Let’s find out what you can pull up with the ClearVin vehicle report!

1. Report summary

Our report summary is a short overview of the report to help you navigate within the page with a report representation. 

2. ClearVin Vehicle Rating

The ClearVin vehicle rating is a tool that enables you to understand a used vehicle’s history, fast and easy. Based on evaluating vehicle data by pre-defined criteria, our rating system delivers both a concise and accurate picture of the vehicle’s past and appraises its current condition.

3. Vehicle Specifications

Our VIN decoding system breaks the VIN number down into dozens of data points concerning the manufacture of the vehicle. Our complete overview of the vehicle’s characteristics includes a year, make, model, trim, style, steering type, vehicle dimensions, and many others.

4. Vehicle Value Information and Auction Price Analysis

The ClearVin valuation section combines historical purchase and real-time auction data to provide a complete review of the market value of a given vehicle. It contains information about peak and average sale value, trade-in value, and auction value supplied by NADA. Valuation information might come in handy during the negotiation process and guarantee you a fair price.

5. Salvage Information

Salvage records are submitted by the National Motor Vehicle Titling Information System. A salvage title itself means that it would cost more to repair the vehicle than it’s actually worth. Also, it specifies a date and entity that reports the titling and identifies whether a car is intended for export.

6. Insurance Records

Insurance records are usually available if a vehicle has been declared as a total loss. It means that an insurer paid out the current value of a damaged car and put it up for sale at some salvage auction rather than cover the vehicle’s repair costs. Usually, such cars go along with a salvage title or lien.

7. Title History Information

The Title history information covers both current and historical records in the vehicle’s title providing a title issue date as well as a date, state, and relevant mileage on each further entry. This information can help the potential buyer to track the number of owners and states of operations of a car.

8. Odometer events

The odometer reading was initially invented with the aim to assist owners in safely scheduling maintenance checkups and inspections. However, for all used car buyers it became a key indicator of a vehicle’s value, which is not surprising as it says a lot about the condition of its major parts. We obtain odometer records from all state DMVs to provide the most reliable odometer reading of every VIN registered within the U.S. 

9. Title Brand Information

Vehicle title brand is a permanent designation on a vehicle’s title that indicates that a vehicle has been declared a total loss due to collision, fire or flood damage, or has been sold for scrap. These records are vital as they help to check whether a vehicle used to have serious damage. Besides, some title brands like junk entail that the car can’t be driven on the road anymore. Read about the most dangerous vehicle title brands.

10. Auction Sales Information

The ClearVin auction data section contains all instances of a vehicle going up for sale through the most popular salvage auctions such as Copart and IAAI. Our auction sales history delivers the vehicle characteristics at the time of the auction, damage specifications, and all associated images for the listing. Checking the vehicle’s past condition will help you to negotiate well. 

11. Lien / Impound / Export Records

One of the most important things to do buying a used car is to check its documents: any legal ownership transfer as well as further insuring, reselling, or exporting is impossible if a vehicle has an active lien. Thanks to our collaboration with the NVS that is widely recognized as the nation’s leader in providing unique vehicle theft, vehicle fraud, and asset protection solutions, our vehicle checkups include both active and former lien, impound, and theft records

12. Detailed History

Detailed History is a comprehensive report summary that lists the most important records from the whole report showing them in chronological order for your convenience. 

13. Recalls

ClearVin offers NHTSA safety recall search based on a vehicle’s year, make, and model. We provide a complete overview of each registered recall along with free remedy contact information. 

Of course, you might be interested in different motor vehicle records buying a car at the auction or dealership. When performing a car VIN number lookup, we’re trying to combine items that need to be verified with no matter who the seller is for the best pricing on the market. 

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