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Car value appraisals: J.D. Power or Black Book?


There are so many options and opportunities available in the automotive market that sometimes it is hard to get oriented, even for an experienced car lover. To make it easier, you can use numerous information services that provide everything you need to know about the auto world from different points of view. The two most recognizable ones are J.D. Power and Black Book. In the article, we will analyze all the distinctions and unique features of the above-mentioned platforms.

J.D. Power Review

It is a well-known market researcher located in the U.S. that was established in 1968 by James David Power III. The company focuses mainly on the automotive, finance, healthcare, technology, and tourism sectors. Its functionality is based on consumer and manufacturer-related data gathering, analysis, and presentation. As a result, the key marketing categories here are demand, supply, or everything that relates to them. J.D. Power draws its attention mainly to the standards of products and customer satisfaction.

The company’s most significant activity is conducting research on cars and their reliability throughout time. Speaking about the platform and services, we recommend you get acquainted with J.D. Power award summaries (they are mostly focused on the quality of various transport categories) and car shopping guides if you are going to purchase a vehicle. It is also possible to check out the top consumer-rated automobiles there.

Screenshot of the J.D. Power website
Source: J.D. Power website

The platform also offers you the chance to look at popular and trending vehicles for sale or add the location variable and compare what you can buy in different areas of the United States. For the last option, the algorithms use your ZIP code to find the most appropriate solutions near you.

It is interesting that you can choose not only the auto category but also motorcycle, RV, and boat ones. Moreover, there are also opportunities either for buyers or sellers. It is stated that you can get an offer for your car in just a few minutes thanks to the Sell My Car tool.

For advanced data analysts and experienced auto connoisseurs, J.D. Power presents annual evaluations of the car market in the U.S. and some other countries: the Vehicle Dependability StudySM (VDS) allows you to get acquainted with automobile issues that real owners experienced after three years of its usage, while the Initial Quality StudySM (IQS) presents you with the same data but on the first three months of driving.

Black Book Review

The Black Book trademark was registered in 1955 by Hearst Business Media Corporation. Precise data, a scientific approach, and flexibility are features that make the American company recognizable.

You can also notice that the Black Book platform is geared more toward businesses involved in the automotive industry, particularly dealerships, than individuals. At the same time, everyone can find something interesting there. The firm serves car dealers, auto finance, remarketing, insurance, and other industries. As a result, Black Book covers the entire automotive industry with its expertise.

Screenshot of the Black Book website
Source: Black Book website

One of the most coherent and complex products the company has designed is the Black Book Cherry application. The subscription service allows accessing the pre-sale data about any vehicle, conducting research concerning the automotive market, and using a VIN scanner.

There are other resources available on the Black Book website. You can compare the used or new vehicle costs, verify specific values or car information, and get visual analytics. If you have an interest in the automotive industry, there is the possibility to receive the latest market news and insights via email. 

The Takeaway

In the article, we reviewed the two most recognizable information platforms focused on the automotive industry. If you need complex and easy-to-understand data, it would be better to use both of the above-mentioned platforms and combine their features to get a well-reasonable outcome. We have a deep conviction that J.D. Power and Black Book are valuable sources of relevant data that concerns the automotive industry. That is why it is a good idea to look them over when searching for a new car.

At the same time, we recommend you observe the ClearVIN platform and run our car VIN number lookup to experience all the benefits of revealing the car info by VIN. Our key asset is cooperation with the most recognizable automotive industry stakeholders and regulators, such as NMVTIS, NVS, J.D. Power, Black Book, and others. The vast ties are the main aspect that helps provide ClearVIN clients with unique information, making our reports among the finest that you can find. That is why our services are the obvious choice for a comprehensive vehicle history report, whether you are buying or selling a car.

We encourage you to get acquainted with ClearVIN closer! If there is any question rising in your head, you can use our contact page. Also, do not hesitate to call us at +1 (844) 268-5991 (8:00 AM – 3:00 PM EST, Monday to Friday).

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