NMVTIS title check

A multi-state NMVTIS Vehicle History Report


The NMVTIS is a government program that provides consumer protection from unsafe vehicles. The main advantage of the NMVTIS database is that it encompasses information from all state DMVs, insurance companies, and junk and salvage yards to help to minimize the risk of being scammed when buying a used car or motorcycle. Here are 4 key indicators associated with preventing auto fraud and theft that can be found in every NMVTIS VIN check.

1. Title History

The NMVTIS VIN history includes all the records contained in a vehicle’s title, as verifying the validity of each title and tracking its records help prevent different auto fraud and VIN theft. Also, it’s important to see car ownership history. Use a car VIN lookup tool to get a detailed report on a vehicle’s history before making a purchase. A car license plate lookup can also reveal significant information about a vehicle, such as its registration status, accident history, and even its previous owners.

2. Odometer Reading

Odometer fraud may result in a buyer paying more than the vehicle’s fair market value or cause the consumer to purchase an unsafe vehicle. Vehicle owners are obligated to report their odometer reading accurately, and discrepancies in odometer history can be an indicator of fraud.

3. Brands History (Junk, Salvage, Flood)

The NMVTIS keeps a history of brands that were applied by each state all over the country, protecting buyers from purchasing damaged vehicles that are presented for sale without disclosure of their real condition and history.

4. Total Loss History

If a vehicle is listed as a total loss, it definitely had severe damage or a lien on it. You should be informed if a vehicle was declared a total loss to avoid a bad bargain. NMVTIS can help you with that.

If you’re looking for reliable VIN verification, you can access NMVTIS information through one of its approved data providers like ClearVin. We combine NMVTIS data with information from other third-party sources to provide the most extensive overview of every used vehicle. Dealer VIN lookup allows buying reports in bulk with a deep discount.

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